About Us


To provide our customers with the best Wireless Communication Technology. Wireless Communication is our passion. Wireless Radio and IP/Internet based technologies have merged over the past decade. Consequently, a new range of products, wireless telecommunication solutions & services were developed and are now available.

The Lambda Electronics team does constantly strive to keep themselves up to date with the latest trends and state-of-the-art technologies in the Wireless Communication Industry.

We have partnered with top manufacturers, such as ICOM INC. (Japan) and KENWOOD COMMUNICATIONS (Japan), to be able to provide the latest and best radio communication solutions to our customers.

Collaborations with many others manufacturers and suppliers allows us to complement our product portfolio with mandatory and necessary accessories, such as antennas, filters, cables, headsets and more, which puts us in a position to provide customized, turnkey and integrated solutions to our customers.

Modern radio communications went from formerly analog to currently widely used digital technologies. This trend started over a decade ago, however market availability and deployment of such new digital radio technologies has only become common over the last 10 years or so. Different technical standards were implemented to serve a diversity of applications. It requires know-how, experience, flexibility and attention to detail in the field of Telecommunications to stay ahead in this challenging field of technology.

Solutions we provide can range from straight forward private & leisure two way radio applications, to high-end, mission critical, meshed multi-site radio systems, serving a large number of users. 

Regardless of the size of your project, each project is unique to us and therefore receives our equal focus and attention for a successful implementation and total customer satisfaction.

Our Aim


We aim to maximize customer's benefits and satisfaction, by providing solutions, which meet or exceed the requirements of our customers, whilst keeping customer budgets under control.

We are constantly adding new technologies to our portfolio to achieve our goal to be ahead of current technology. There is an answer to almost every customer question. It requires experience, knowhow, and dedication to detail to be able to work out the best fit to solve all your problems and challenges. The Lambda Electronics team is here to work with you and for you.


To be the best Radio Communications Solutions Provider in the Middle East.

Lambda Electronics TR.CO.LLC. is a leading provider of radio communication solutions, based in the UAE.

We are the sole agent of ICOM INC (Japan), a leading manufacturer of Navigation and Radio Communication equipment. ICOM INC. has its Headquarter in OSAKA, JAPAN. Its manufacturing plants are based in Japan.

Lambda Electronics TR.CO.LLC is also a distributor of KENWOOD COMMUNICATION products. KENWOOD is another Japan based leading manufacturer of high-end professional radio communication equipment.

We are doing business out of the UAE since 1981. As a B2B oriented company and customer oriented organization, we work closely with our numerous resellers and customers within the UAE as well as the in the Middle East and Africa region.

Our HQ is centrally located in Sharjah, in the United Arab Emirates. Our bonded warehouse location is at Sharjah Airport International Free Zone, where we always keep a vast stock of equipment.

Our Sharjah city office does host business operations, administration & sales, as well as a service center for manufacturing, system engineering & repair.

Vision & Values


Every challenge seeks a solution. We are working closely with customers to work out the best fitting solution for their requirements. Our solutions use the latest and best technology available in the industry. They take into account the application, core user requirements, solution implementation, operational requirements and customers budget.

In our Service center, we design, integrate, modify, and if necessary manufacture, equipment or enhancements on demand for cases, where standard off-the-shelf products will not meet customers' applications.

With our unique approach to providing Radio Communication Solutions, we bridge the gap between standard solutions and real world requirements. As such we manufacturer mobile & hand carry-able repeater stations, hard case backpack types, robust and water protected high powered radio solutions (i.e. VHF, UHF or HF), solar-powered repeater stations and much more. If you have a specific need, do not hesitate to contact us!



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